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  • Study of the components of the installation in R 744.

  • Regulation regulator électronique.

  • Regulations concerning the manipulation of the fluid R 744.

  • Selection of the values of temperatures to understand the cycle sub-critique.

  • Selection of the values of temperatures to understand the cycle trans-critique.

  • Maintenance préventive.

  • curative Maintenance.

Description :

The bench in the CO2 is an installation functioning only with R 744.

The bench is autonomous. It is in a row for operational use because "intended" for learners of any levels and by professionnels too.

The bench works in 230 volts.

Besides the bench all the professional tools for the manipulation of the fluid and the operation of the system are supplied in a service designed for the storage of the equipment.

Included are the following :

  • Special duplicate book CO2,
  • Special flexible hose C02,
  • Portable detector of CO2,
  • Thermometer,
  • Key with pawl,
  • Game(Set,Play) of screwdriver,
  • Adjustable spanner.


The arrangement is positioned on the educational bench serving to place tools and technical documents of the equipment to study.  It is secured by a padlock.

The dimensions of the bench CO2 are :

  • Length: 200 cm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • Height: 234 cm
  • Weight : 373 kg


Professional cold room is in panel expanded foam sandwich, of 6 cm thickness. The door is endowed with a handle anti panic. The probe of atmosphere and the probe of flow of air are fixed to the walls of the cell. The ground is protected by an aluminum plate and is anti slipping. The height of the room is 2 m and the highly-rated are 1 m.

The system rests on a welded metallic chevêtre. Four wheels which brake permitting to be moved on different ground types.

An ergonomic signalling system allows to identify clearly elements establishing the installation.  A diagram R 744 is glued on the side door. A fragmented view of the group of condensation is fixed to one of the outside walls of the cold room.

The evaporator of a power of 2,0 kW, with a temperature of evaporation 3 °C, will have a single ventilator with a flow of air of 1200 m3/hour. The evaporator is fixed to the ceiling of the cold room. Condensation is by a collector and a gradual reservoir which allows the cold room to quantify the volume of water generate.

A display in the group of condensation allows the teacher to collect all data to provide specifics of the installation all the time during functioning, intensity, pressure, temperature, rotation speed of the ventilator and the frequency of the compressor.

An electronic board is installed on the regulation of the installation to show the graphs on a tactile supervisor. A lap-top computer can also read the graphs.

One day training will be provided to the teaching staff to ensure adequate understanding of the CO2 system.

The guarantee of the system is of for 3 years.


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